Mark 16

Jesus becomes alive again

1 After the day of rest had finished, the women bought some spices. They wanted to mix these with some oil to put on Jesus' body. These women were Mary from Magdala, Salome, and Mary the mother of James. 2 They went out at dawn on the first day of the week, Sunday. They went to the hole in the rock where Joseph had put Jesus' dead body.

16:1The Jews rested on Saturdays until the sun went down. The women had bought the spices after that, during Saturday evening. The Jews always put these spices on a dead body when they buried it.

3 The women asked each other, ‘Who will roll away the heavy stone for us? It closes the hole in the rock where they put Jesus' dead body.’

4 Then they looked and they saw the stone. It was a very big stone. But someone had already rolled it away from the hole. 5 When the women went into the hole in the rock, they saw a young man there. He was sitting in there on the right side and he wore bright white clothes. The women were very afraid.

16:5This young man was an angel.

6 The young man said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. You are looking for Jesus from Nazareth. The soldiers killed him on a cross, but he has become alive again. He is not here. Look! You can see the place where the men put him. 7 But now you must go to tell his disciples and Peter about this. Tell them, “Jesus is going to Galilee and you must also go there. You will see him there, just as he told you it would happen.” ’

16:7Peter had said three times that he did not know Jesus. So maybe Peter thought that he was not still a disciple. But the angel's words included Peter. So Peter would know that Jesus still wanted him to be his disciple.

8 Then the women went out of the hole in the rock, and they ran away from that place. They were very upset and they had trouble in their minds. Because they were afraid, they did not say anything to anyone.

The end of Mark's book

9  [Jesus became alive again early on the first day of the week. He appeared first to Mary from Magdala. Jesus had caused seven bad spirits to leave her. 10 She went to the people who had been with Jesus. They were all very sad and they were crying. Mary spoke to them. 11 She told them that Jesus was alive. And she told them that she had seen him. But they did not believe it.

16:9Some important copies of Mark's Gospel do not have verses 9-20. But many copies do have these verses.

12 After these things had happened, Jesus appeared to two other disciples. They were walking away from Jerusalem to their village. It seemed to them that Jesus was different. 13 Those two disciples went and told all the other disciples. But the other disciples did not believe them.

14 After that, Jesus appeared to the 11 apostles while they were eating. He told them that they were wrong not to believe. They should have been ready to believe. People had seen that he was now alive again. But the disciples had not believed them.

15 Then Jesus said to them, ‘Go to all people everywhere in the world. Tell God's good news to everyone. 16 If a person believes in me, then you should baptize that person. And God will save that person. But if a person does not believe, God will judge that person to be guilty. 17 These miracles will happen when people believe in me. On my behalf, they will send bad spirits out of people. They will speak new languages. 18 If they pick up a snake, it will not hurt them. If they drink poison, it will not hurt them. They will put their hands on ill people, and God will make those people well.’

Jesus goes up to heaven

19 So, after the Lord Jesus had spoken to the disciples, God took him up into heaven. There he sat down at the right side of God.

20 The disciples went out everywhere. They told people God's good news. The Lord worked with them. He did powerful things to show that the message which they spoke was true.]