Mark 15:42-47

Joseph buries Jesus' dead body

42 It was Friday and the Jews were preparing for their day of rest on the Sabbath. 43 That evening, a man called Joseph went to see Pilate. Joseph was from a town called Arimathea. He was a good man and he was one of the group of important Jewish leaders. He was waiting for the time when God would start to rule his people in his kingdom. Joseph bravely asked Pilate for the dead body of Jesus to bury it. 44 Pilate was surprised that Jesus had already died. He asked the captain of the soldiers to come to him. He asked him if Jesus had already died. 45 The captain told Pilate that Jesus was already dead. So then Pilate let Joseph go and take Jesus' dead body. 46 Joseph bought a new piece of soft white cloth. He took Jesus' body down from the cross and he put the cloth round him. Then he put Jesus in a special hole in a rock. People had cut that hole in the rock to bury dead bodies in it. After this, Joseph rolled a big stone across the front of the hole to shut it.

47 Mary from Magdala and Mary the mother of Joses were watching. They saw where Joseph had put Jesus' dead body.