Mark 14:43-52

Judas leads the men who will take Jesus away

43 Jesus was still speaking when, immediately, Judas arrived. He was one of Jesus' 12 disciples. A crowd came with him. They were carrying swords and heavy sticks. The leaders of the priests, the teachers of God's Law and the important Jews had sent these men.

44 Before this, Judas had told these men, ‘I will kiss one of the men. You must take hold of that man. Lead him away and do not let him go.’ 45 When they arrived, Judas went immediately to Jesus. ‘Teacher,’ he said to Jesus. Then he kissed Jesus in a friendly way. 46 So the men took hold of Jesus to lead him away. 47 But a certain man who was standing there took hold of his sword. He hit the servant of the leader of the priests with it and he cut off the servant's ear.

48 Then Jesus spoke to the crowd. He said, ‘You have come out here with swords and heavy sticks to take hold of me. Do you really think that I am leading people to fight against our country's rulers? 49 No! I was with you every day when I was teaching people in the yard of God's Great House. You did not try to take hold of me then. But this must happen in the way that the Bible says it would happen.’ 50 Then all Jesus' disciples left him and they ran away.

51 A certain young man was following Jesus. He was wearing only one piece of cloth to cover himself. The men tried to take hold of this young man. 52 But the young man left the piece of cloth behind, and he ran away. So when he ran away, he was not wearing anything.

14:51We think that this young man was called Mark. Mark wrote this book.