Mark 14:27-31

Jesus tells the disciples what will happen

27 Then Jesus said to the disciples, ‘All of you will turn away from me. It will happen as the Bible says:

God says, “I will kill the shepherd who leads the sheep.

Then the sheep will run away in different directions.” ’

14:27See Zechariah 13:7.

28 Jesus then said, ‘But after that happens, I will become alive again. Then I will go to Galilee, and you will meet me there.’

29 Peter said to Jesus, ‘Even if everyone else runs away, I will not leave you.’

30 Jesus replied, ‘I tell you this: Even tonight, you will say that you do not know me. You will say that three times before the cockerel sings for the second time in the morning.’

31 But Peter said very strongly, ‘I will die with you if I need to. But I will never say that I do not know you.’ All the other disciples said the same thing.