Mark 11:1-11

Jesus rides into Jerusalem

1 Jesus and his disciples were coming near to Jerusalem. They were almost at the villages called Bethphage and Bethany. They were on the Mount of Olives. Then Jesus sent two of his disciples to go further.

11:1Bethphage and Bethany were on the east side of the Mount of Olives.

2 He said to them, ‘Go into the village that is in front of you. When you arrive there, you will immediately see a young donkey. Someone has tied it there. Nobody has ever yet ridden on it. Undo the rope and bring the donkey here to me. 3 Someone may ask you, “Why are you doing this?” Then say, “The Master needs the donkey. He will send it back here soon.” ’

4 So the two disciples went into the village. They found the young donkey in the street. Someone had tied it outside, by a door. So the disciples undid the rope. 5 Some people were standing there. They asked the two disciples, ‘What are you doing? Why are you undoing the donkey's rope?’ 6 The disciples answered them. They repeated what Jesus had told them to say. The people then let them take the donkey away. 7 The two disciples brought the young donkey to Jesus. They put their coats on its back and Jesus sat on it. 8 Many people then put their coats down on the road. Other people cut branches down from trees in the fields. They put the branches down on the road as well.

11:8The people did this so that the donkey would walk on the coats and branches. People did this when a king or a great leader came.

9 Many people went in front of Jesus, and other people followed him. All of them were shouting,

‘We praise God!

May the Lord God bless the king who comes with his authority!

10 Great will be the kingdom of King David, our ancestor!

We praise God above!’

11 Jesus went into Jerusalem and went to the temple. He looked at everything there. It was late in the day, so he then went out of the city to Bethany. The 12 apostles went with him.