Mark 10:46-52

Jesus causes a blind man to see

46 Then Jesus and his disciples arrived in Jericho. When they were leaving the city again, a large crowd of people followed them. A blind man was sitting by the side of the road. He was asking people to give him money. His name was Bartimaeus and he was the son of Timaeus.

10:46Bartimaeus was blind, so he could not work. So he asked people to give him money. He needed that money to buy food.

47 Somebody told Bartimaeus that Jesus from Nazareth was walking past him. So he began to shout. He said, ‘Jesus, Son of David! Please be kind to me and help me!’

48 Many people were angry with Bartimaeus. They told him that he should be quiet. But he shouted even louder than before, ‘Son of David! Please help me!’

10:48‘Son of David’ is a name for the special person that God sent to save the people. It is another name for the Messiah. David was the king of Israel many centuries before this.

49 Jesus stopped. He said to the people, ‘Tell the man to come here.’ So the people said to the blind man, ‘Be brave! Stand up. Jesus is asking you to go to him.’ 50 So Bartimaeus threw away his coat. He jumped up and he came to Jesus.

51 Then Jesus said to Bartimaeus, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’

The blind man said to Jesus, ‘Teacher, I want to see again.’

52 ‘Go,’ Jesus said to him. ‘You are well now, because you believed in me.’ Immediately, Bartimaeus could see again. He followed Jesus along the road.