Mark 10:17-31

Jesus meets a rich man

17 While Jesus went on his way, a man ran to him. He went down on his knees in front of Jesus. ‘Good Teacher,’ he said to Jesus, ‘what must I do so that I can live with God for ever?’

18 Jesus said to him, ‘Why do you say that I am good? Only God is good. Nobody else. 19 You know God's rules:

“Do not kill anyone.

Do not have sex with anyone who is not your wife.

Do not rob anyone.

Do not say things that are not true about people.

Do not take things that are not yours.

Love your father and your mother, and obey them.” ’

20 ‘Teacher,’ the man replied, ‘I have obeyed all these laws since I was a young man.’

21 Jesus looked at the man and Jesus loved him. Jesus said to him, ‘There is still just one thing that you must do. Go now. Sell everything that you have. Then give the money to poor people. If you do that, you will have many valuable things in heaven. Then come back and be my disciple.’

22 When the man heard that, his face became sad. He was a very rich man. Because of that, he went away and he was very sad.

23 Jesus looked round and he said to his disciples, ‘It is very difficult for rich people to let God rule in their lives.’

24 They were very surprised about Jesus' words. Jesus spoke again to them: ‘My friends, it is very difficult for anyone to let God rule in their life. 25 The hole in a needle is very small. A big animal cannot go through it! But it is even more difficult than that for a rich person to let God rule in their life.’

10:25big animal Greek: camel

26 Then Jesus' disciples were even more surprised. They said to each other, ‘So perhaps God will not save anyone!’

27 Jesus looked at them and he replied, ‘For people, it really is impossible. But God can do it. God can do everything.’

28 Peter said to Jesus, ‘Look! We have left everything that we had. Now we are your disciples.’

29 Jesus said, ‘I tell you this: Some people have left their home. Or they may have left their brothers or sisters. Or they may have left their mother or their father. Or they may have left their children or their fields. They have done that because of me. And they have done it because of God's good news. 30 Now, in this world, God will give those people many more things than they have left behind, even 100 times more! Yes, they will receive houses and brothers and sisters. They will receive mothers and children and fields. As well as all this, people will be against them. But in the future world, they will live for ever with God. 31 But many people who are very important now will not be important then. And people who are not important now will become very important then.’