Malachi 2:10-17

Judah's people do not obey God

10 You know that we all have one Father. It is God himself who made all of us. But now we turn against each other. We do not respect the covenant that God made with our ancestors.

2:10Malachi was talking to the Israelites. Their ancestors were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God changed Jacob's name to become ‘Israel’.

11 Judah's people have turned against God. As a result, people have done disgusting things in Jerusalem and in all Israel. You have spoiled the holy place, the temple that the Lord loves. You have turned away from the Lord and you worship foreign gods. 12 I pray that the Lord will remove all people like that from among his people. Not one of them will continue to belong to the family of Jacob. They will no longer be able to offer gifts to the Lord Almighty.

2:11Judah was one of the sons of Jacob. He was the ancestor of the Israelite tribe called Judah.
2:11Jerusalem was the capital city of Judah.
2:11God's temple was in Jerusalem.
2:12‘The family of Jacob’ is another way to say the Israelites.

13 Also, you weep so much that your tears cover the Lord's altar! You cry because the Lord no longer accepts your gifts. He is not happy with the gifts that you offer to him.

14 You ask, ‘Why is the Lord not happy with our gifts?’ The Lord knows that you men have not done the right thing with your wives. When you married as a young man, you promised to take care of your wife always. But you have sent her away, when the law says that you must stay with her as your wife. 15 The Lord has joined you together, as a man with his wife. Your body and your spirit belong to him. Why did God put you together? He wanted you to have children who would belong to him. So think carefully about how you live. Do not leave the wife that you married when you were a young man.

16 The Lord God of Israel says this: ‘If a man sends his wife away from him, I hate that! He has been cruel to his wife when he should take care of her. So be very careful! Remember your promise to take care of your wife.’

That is what the Lord Almighty says.

17 The Lord has become tired as he listens to your words.

You ask, ‘Why is he tired? What have we done to cause that?’ You say, ‘The Lord thinks that all people who do evil things are good! He does not punish them but he is happy with them.’ You also say, ‘God is not here to bring justice!’