About the Book of Malachi

Malachi is the name of the man who wrote this book. He spoke God's message to the people. Many years ago, a powerful enemy had come. The enemy had taken the people away from their own country, Judah. After a long time, they returned home. They built the temple again in Jerusalem. This happened in about 516 BC. Malachi wrote this book in about 460 BC.
God had promised the people that they would have many good things. But there was only a little rain, so their crops did not grow well. They did not have enough food to eat. The people thought that God did not love them. As a result, they did not obey the rules that God had given to them. Malachi knew what the people were thinking. He spoke God's message to them. He told them how they could come back to God. He told them how they could love God again.
In Chapter 3, Malachi tells them that the Lord will return to his temple. He will come to judge his people, but also to bless them. This came true when God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world.