Luke 9:1-6

Jesus sends out the 12 apostles

1 Jesus asked his 12 apostles to come to him. He gave them power and authority. They could make sick people well. They could also send bad spirits out of people. 2 Then he sent them out to tell people about the kingdom of God. He told them that they should also make sick people well again. 3 He said to them, ‘Do not take anything for your journey. Do not take a stick, or a bag, or food. Do not take any money. Do not take extra clothes. 4 In each town, continue to stay at the first house that you go into. Stay there until you leave that town. 5 In some towns, the people will not accept you. You should leave that place. Clean that town's dirt from your feet. Then it will be clear that they have done something wrong.’

9:3Jesus wanted those that he was sending out to trust him. The Holy Spirit would cause other people to give them what they needed.

6 Then the apostles started out. They went to visit all the villages. In every place they told people the good news about Jesus and they made sick people well.