Luke 6:1-5

Jesus teaches about the Jewish day for rest

1 On a Jewish day for rest, Jesus and his disciples were walking through some fields where wheat was growing. His disciples began to pick some of the wheat. They were rubbing it between their hands and eating the seeds.

2 Some of the Pharisees were walking with them. They said, ‘You should not be doing that on our day for rest. It is against God's Law.’

3 Jesus replied, ‘You have certainly read about what David did one day. He and the men who were with him were hungry. 4 He went into God's Great House. He took the special bread that was there. It is against God's Law for anyone except the priests to eat that bread. But David ate some of it. He gave some of the bread to his men to eat as well.’

5 Then Jesus said to them, ‘The Son of Man has authority over the Law about the day for rest.’

6:5We can read this report about David in 1 Samuel 21.