Luke 20:19-26

The leaders ask Jesus a question

19 The teachers of God's Law and the leaders of the priests knew that Jesus had told this story about them. They were the bad farmers in the story. So they wanted to take hold of Jesus immediately. But they did not do it, because they were afraid of the people.

20 So this is what they did to catch Jesus. They gave money to people to ask him difficult questions. These people seemed to be good, but really they were not honest. Instead, they wanted to make Jesus say something wrong. Then they would take him to the ruler of the city to punish him. 21 So these people went and said to Jesus, ‘Teacher, everything that you say and everything that you teach is right. We know that. You do not say something different to an important person to make him happy. Instead, you teach everyone the same true message. You really teach us what God wants us to do. 22 So, tell us your answer to this question: Should we pay our taxes to the Roman ruler, Caesar? Is it right to give that money to him, or not?’

23 Jesus knew that those men were not really honest. They wanted to make him say the wrong thing. 24 So he said to them, ‘Show me a coin. Tell me, whose picture is on this coin? Whose name is on it?’ 25 The men replied, ‘It is Caesar's picture and Caesar's name.’ Jesus then said to them, ‘So you should give to Caesar the things that are for him. And give to God the things that are for God.’

26 So the Jewish leaders could not make Jesus say anything wrong. They were very surprised at his answer to their question. They could not say anything more against him. All the people who were there saw this.