Luke 10:38-42

Jesus visits the home of Martha and Mary

38 Jesus and his disciples continued their journey. They arrived at a certain village. There, a woman called Martha asked Jesus to come into her home. 39 Martha had a sister called Mary. Mary sat down near Jesus. She was listening to the things that he was teaching. 40 But Martha was thinking to herself, ‘I cannot do all this work alone.’ So she went to Jesus. She said, ‘Master, my sister is not helping me with the work. She has left me to do it alone. You surely do not think that this is right! Tell her that she should help me!’

10:38Mary and Martha lived in a village called Bethany. It is about three kilometres from Jerusalem.

41 The Lord Jesus replied, ‘Martha, Martha, you have troubles in your mind about many things. 42 But only one thing is really important. That is what Mary has chosen to do. Nobody will take it away from her.’

10:42Jesus was telling Martha about what was most important. It was important to listen to Jesus while he was there. It was not so important to do a lot of work in the house.