Leviticus 7:28-38

Moses tells the priests which parts of the animal they can eat

28 The Lord said to Moses, 29 ‘Say to Israel's people, “When a person gives an animal as a friendship offering, he must bring part of it to the Lord. 30 He must carry the offering in his own hands to the fire. He must bring the fat and the meat of the ribs and he must lift the meat to the Lord. 31 The priest will burn the fat at the altar. He will lift the meat of the ribs to God. Then Aaron's sons can eat it. 32 The top part of the back right leg of the animal is a gift. 33 It is for the priest who offers the blood and the fat. 34 The ribs and the top part of the right leg are gifts. They are from the friendship offering. God wants Aaron and his sons to have them. People must give these parts of their gift to the priests. 35 The Lord gave this part of the Israelites' offerings to Aaron's sons. He gave it to them on the day when they became the Lord's priests. 36 The Lord told the Israelites that they must do this. He told them that on the day that Aaron's sons became priests. All their sons and grandsons must always give these offerings to the priests.” ’

37 These are all the rules that a person must use. They are for when he gives a gift to God. They are the rules for offerings of grain and the friendship offering. And they are rules for the offerings that people give to take away their sin. The rules tell them how to make Aaron's sons priests. And they tell people who have done bad things what to do. They must show God that they are sorry. 38 Israel's people were in the Sinai desert. The Lord gave the rules to Moses on Sinai mountain. That was on the day that the Lord spoke to the people. He told them that they should bring their offerings to him there.