Leviticus 7:11-21

The Friendship offering

11 These rules are for friendship offerings to the Lord. 12 If a man wants to thank God, he must give an animal and flat loaves of bread. He must mix the flour for the bread with oil. He must not mix the flour with yeast. 13 He must also give other loaves of bread to God. He must make these with flour, oil and yeast. 14 A man must offer one of each kind of loaf to the Lord. These belong to the priest who throws the blood on the altar. 15 The person must not keep the meat from the animal until the next day. He must eat it on the day that he offers it.

16 The gift to God may be for a promise. The gift may be because the person loves God. That person will not have to eat it all on the same day. He can eat some of it on the next day. 17 On the third day, there may still be some meat that he has not eaten. If there is, he must burn it. 18 If the person eats the meat on the third day, God will not accept the gift. The meat is not good. The person who eats it will not give God pleasure.

19 Some meat may touch something that is not clean. Nobody should eat that meat. People must burn it. Only a clean person can eat the meat that is a gift to God. 20 A person who is not clean might eat the friendship offering to the Lord. If he does, they must send him away from Israel's people. 21 A person might touch something that is not clean. He must not eat the meat of the offering to the Lord. That person must not eat it if he has touched an unclean animal or an unclean person. If he does eat it, they must send him away. They must send him away from Israel's people.’