Leviticus 24:10-23

The story of a man who said bad things about the Lord

10 There was a man. His mother was an Israelite and his father was a man from Egypt. The man had a quarrel with an Israelite man. 11 The Israelite woman's son said bad things about God. The people took him to Moses. (The name of the mother was Shelomith. She was the daughter of Dibri from the family of Dan.) 12 They locked the man up. The Lord told them what to do with him.

13 The Lord said to Moses, 14 ‘Take the man outside the camp. All the people who heard him speak must put a hand on him. All the people must throw stones at him until he is dead. 15 Tell Israel's people, “It is a sin if any man says bad things about God's name. 16 He must die. All the people must throw stones at him until he is dead.” You must kill anyone who says bad things about the Lord's name. They may be a foreigner or an Israelite. You must kill them.

17 If any man kills another man you must kill him. 18 A man might kill an animal that belongs to another man. Then he must give an animal that is alive to the man. You must give a living animal if you take a living animal's life. 19 If a man hurts another person, you must punish him as he deserves. Hurt him in the same way that he has hurt the other person. 20 If he has broken one of the person's bones, break one of his bones. If he hurt the person's eye, hurt his eye. If he has broken a person's tooth, break his tooth. 21 A man might hit an animal so that it dies. That man must give back an animal that is alive. But if he kills a man, you must punish him with death. 22 This rule is for all the people. It is the same rule for Israelites and foreigners. I am the Lord your God.’

23 Moses spoke to Israel's people. A man had said bad things about God. They took him outside the camp. They threw stones at him until he died. Israel's people did as the Lord had told Moses.