Leviticus 24:1-9

Rules about oil and the bread that the people give to the Lord

1 The Lord said to Moses, 2 ‘Tell Israel's people that they must bring to you the best oil. This will cause the light to burn all the time. 3 Aaron must put more oil in the lamp from evening to morning in front of the Lord. The lamp is outside the curtain. That curtain is in the Holy Place. The light must never go out. This rule is for now and for all time to come. 4 The lamps on the gold lampstand must burn always in front of the Lord.

24:4The lampstand had seven arms, like the branches of a tree. There was a lamp on the end of each branch.

5 The people must bake 12 loaves of bread. They must use the best flour. They must weigh the flour for each loaf. They must use two tenths (2/10) of an ephah (4 litres). 6 They must put the loaves on a table in two rows in front of the Lord. There must be six loaves in each row. 7 They must put incense near each row. They must burn the incense as a gift to the Lord instead of the bread. 8 They must put the bread on the table every Sabbath. It is a covenant between Israel's people and the Lord. 9 The bread is for Aaron and for his sons. They must eat it in a holy place. It is their holy part of the burnt offering to the Lord.’