Leviticus 23:9-25

Gifts of new grain

9 The Lord said to Moses, 10 ‘Tell Israel's people this. They will go into the land that I will give to them. And then they will harvest the grain. They must take the first part of the harvest in their arms. They must give this to the priest. 11 The priest will lift it to the Lord. Then the Lord will accept their gift. The priest will do this on the day after the Sabbath day. 12 On the same day the priest will bring a young sheep that is perfect to the Lord. It must be one year old. It is a gift from the people. 13 He will also bring two tenths (2/10) of an ephah (about 4 litres or 8 pints) of the best flour mixed with oil. He will burn the gift as a sacrifice. The smell of it while it is burning will give the Lord pleasure. The people must also give a ¼ hin (about 1 litre or 2 pints) of wine as a gift to God. 14 The people must not eat any of the new grain until they have given their gift to God. They and their children must do this now and always. They must do it in any place that they live.

15 On the day after the Sabbath day the people will sacrifice their gifts to God. After this, they must count seven weeks. 16 They must count 50 days until the day after the seventh Sabbath. Then they must give another gift of new grain to the Lord. 17 Each family must bring two loaves of bread as a special gift to the Lord. They must make the bread with two tenths (2/10) of an ephah (about 4 litres or 8 pints) of good flour and yeast. This gift is from the first of their harvest fruits. 18 With the bread, all the people must bring seven perfect sheep. They must be males, each one year old. They must bring a bull. They must also bring two older male sheep. The priest will burn the grain and the animals as a gift to the Lord. The smell of them while they are burning will give the Lord pleasure. 19 The priest must sacrifice one male goat as a sin offering. The people must give two young sheep. They must be one year old. They are a gift to God. 20 The priest will lift the animals and the bread to the Lord. They are a holy offering to the Lord. They are for the priest. 21 On this day, the people must not do any work. They must not work anywhere that they live. It is a special day to God now and for all time to come.

23:21This day is called ‘Pentecost’. The word ‘Pentecost’ means ‘50th’.

22 When the people harvest the grain, they must not cut it to the edge of the field. They must not pick up any grain that falls. Some grain must remain in the field. It is for the poor people and for foreign people. I am the Lord your God.’

23 The Lord said to Moses, 24 ‘Tell Israel's people this. On the first day of the seventh month, they must rest. It is a special day. They must worship together with the sound of trumpets. 25 They must not work. They must burn an offering to the Lord.’