Leviticus 13:47-59

Rules for clothes that have mildew

47 Clothes might become bad because of mildew. 48 People might have made the clothes from wool, linen or leather. 49 If the mark in the clothes is green or red, the mildew is growing. People must show these clothes to the priest. 50 The priest must look at the mildew. And he must keep the clothes separate from other clothes for seven days. 51 On the seventh day, the priest must look at the clothes. If the illness is getting bigger, the person must not wear them. 52 The priest must burn the wool, leather or linen clothes. They have an illness that will destroy them.

53 When the priest looks at the clothes, the mildew might not be getting bigger. 54 He must tell the people that they must wash the clothes. The people must keep these clothes separate from their other clothes for seven more days. 55 The priest will look at the clothes after the people have washed them. If the mildew still seems the same, the people must not wear the clothes. The people must burn the clothes whether the mark is inside or outside them. 56 The colour of the mark might be less bright, after the people have washed the clothes. If it is, the priest must tear the marked part out of the clothes. 57 If the mildew comes back to the clothes, the people must burn them. 58 If there is no mildew in the washed clothes, the people must wash the clothes again. Then the clothes will be clean.’

59 These are the rules for mildew in linen cloth. They are rules for wool or leather clothes. They tell the priest how to know whether they are clean or not clean.