Judges 8:28-35

Gideon dies

28 The Israelites now had complete power over the Midianites. The Midianites were too ashamed to fight against them. While Gideon was alive, the land of Israel had peace for 40 years.

29 Then Gideon went back home to live. 30 He had many wives. They gave birth to 70 sons for him. 31 Gideon also had a slave wife who lived in Shechem. She gave birth to a son for him. Gideon called him Abimelech.

32 Joash's son Gideon died when he was very old. People buried him in the grave of his father, Joash. That was in Ophrah, on the land of Abiezer's clan.

33 Soon after Gideon died, the Israelites stopped being faithful to the Lord. They started to worship the idols of Baal again. They chose Baal-Berith to be their new god. 34 They no longer served the Lord their God. They forgot that he had saved them from all the enemies who lived around them. 35 The Israelites did not remain faithful to Gideon's family either. They did not remember all the good things that he had done to help Israel.