Judges 5

The Song of Deborah

1 On that day Deborah and Barak, son of Abinoam, sang this song:

2 ‘When the leaders of Israel rule. When the people are happy to obey. Tell them that the LORD is good.

3 Hear this, you kings! Listen you rulers! I will sing to the LORD. I will sing. I will sing a song to the LORD God of Israel.

4 LORD, you went out from Seir, you marched from the land of Edom. Then the earth shook. You sent rain from the sky. The clouds rained water.

5 The mountains (even Sinai) shook in front of the LORD, the God of Israel.

6 The roads were empty in the days of Shamgar, son of Anath. There was no one on them in the days of Jael. People walked on secret paths.

7 Nobody lived in the little towns. No one lived there until I came. I, Deborah, became a mother to Israel.

8 When they chose new gods, there was fighting near the city. No one in Israel was ready to fight, not one of the 40,000 in Israel.

9 I will make strong the leaders of Israel. With the people of Israel who want to fight. Tell all of them that the LORD is good.

10 Listen, you rich people as you ride on white horses. Listen while you sit on your animals. And listen you that walk along the road.

11 Hear the singing voices, where you stop for water. They speak about all the LORD has done. They tell of the good things that his soldiers did. Then the people of the LORD went down to the city gates.

12 Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up and sing. Get up Barak! Lock up your enemies, son of Abinoam.

13 The men who remained went back to their leaders. The people of the LORD came to me with their lords.

14 Some came from Ephraim, where Amalek lived. Benjamin followed you. Makir (Manasseh) came too. The leaders of Zebulun came.

15 The leaders of Issachar were with Deborah. Yes, Issachar joined Barak. They ran after him into the valley. Many in Reuben were afraid and did nothing.

16 The men of Reuben stayed with the sheep. Many in Reuben were troubled.

17 Gilead stayed in his land. Dan stayed by the sea. Asher remained near the sea. They hid near its edge.

18 But the people of Zebulun were not afraid to fight. And Naphtali came from the mountains.

19 Kings came and fought. The kings of Canaan fought. They fought at Taanach near the water at Megiddo. But they took no gold or rich gifts.

20 The stars from the sky fought. They fought against Sisera.

21 The very old river Kishon carried away Sisera's soldiers. River Kishon, be strong and do not stop fighting.

22 The horses' feet made a loud noise. They ran fast, their strong legs ran and ran.

23 The LORD's angel said, “Punish Meroz. Punish its people, because they did not come to fight for the LORD. They did not help the LORD fight his strong enemy.”

24 Jael is blessed. The wife of Heber the Kenite will be the happiest woman who lives in a tent.

25 He asked for water, and she gave him milk. She brought him milk in a lovely dish.

26 Her hand found the pointed stick. Her right hand took the hammer. She hit Sisera, she hit his head. Her stick went through his head.

27 He fell at her feet. He stayed there and died.

28 Sisera's mother looked out of the window. She cried out as she looked. “His chariot is so slow to come. There is no noise.”

29 Her clever ladies replied, and she herself thought:

30 “They are finding riches to bring home and women to please the men. They are finding rich clothes for Sisera. They will find clothes of many colours and win all these riches for him.”’

31 May all your enemies die like Sisera, LORD! But may those who love you be like the sun, which shines in the day.

There was no more fighting for 40 years.