Jude 1:17-23

Christians must continue to trust God

17 But as for you, my friends, remember the message that the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ have taught you. They spoke about what would happen in future times. 18 They said to you, ‘In the last days of this world, some people will laugh at God's message. They will say that it is silly to obey God. Instead, they will do the bad things that they want to do. Those things do not please God.’

1:18The last days of this world are the days before Jesus returns to the earth.

19 It is people like this who cause you to turn against one another, so that you belong to separate groups. Their thoughts belong to this world. They do not have God's Spirit in them.

20 But you, my friends, have believed the message that comes from God himself. So you must help one another to trust God more and more. Pray to God with the help of the Holy Spirit. 21 Continue to live in a way that shows God's love. As you wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to come, remember that he is very kind. Because of that, you will have life with God for ever.

22 Help those people who do not know whether to trust God. Be kind to them. 23 Some people are in great danger. You must save them from the fire of God's punishment. There are other people that you must also help. But be very careful! Those people have done very bad and dirty things. Those dirty things have spoiled their lives, like they are wearing dirty clothes. Keep away from those dirty things and do not let them spoil your life too.

1:23See Jude 1:7.