Joshua 19:32-39

Land for Naphtali's tribe

32 The sixth part of the land was for Naphtali's tribe, clan by clan.

33 The border of their land went from Heleph and the big oak tree in Zaanannim. It went to Adami Nekeb and Jabneel, and it continued to Lakkum. It ended at the Jordan River. 34 The border turned west to Aznoth Tabor and it continued to Hukkok. It touched Zebulun's land on its south side, Asher's land on its west side and the Jordan River on its east side. 35 Their land included these strong cities: Ziddim, Zer, Hammath, Rakkath and Kinnereth, 36 Adamah, Ramah, Hazor, 37 Kedesh, Edrei, En Hazor, 38 Iron, Migdal El, Horem, Beth Anath and Beth Shemesh. They received 19 towns and their villages.

39 That was the land that Joshua gave to the families of Naphtali's tribe, as well as the towns and their villages.