Joshua 19:10-16

Land for Zebulun's tribe

10 The next part of the land was for Zebulun's tribe, clan by clan. The border of their land went as far as Sarid. 11 Then it went west to Maralah, it touched Dabbesheth, and it went to the valley near Jokneam. 12 From Sarid their border went east to the land of Kisloth Tabor. Then it went to Daberath and it continued up to Japhia. 13 From there, it went east to Gath Hepher and Eth Kazin. It went on to Rimmon, and turned to go to Neah. 14 The border went north to Hannathon and stopped at the valley of Iphtah El. 15 Their land included these towns: Kattath, Nahalal, Shimron, Idalah and Bethlehem.

There were 12 towns and their villages.

16 That was the land that Joshua gave to the families of Zebulun's tribe, as well as the towns and their villages.