Joshua 12

List of kings that Israel had already destroyed

1 Israel killed these kings. They destroyed them and took their land. It was east of the Jordan, from the Arnon valley to Mount Hermon. All of it was on the east side of the Arabah.

2 Sihon, king of the Amorites, was king of Heshbon. He ruled from Aroer by the middle of the Arnon valley to the Jabbok River. This is near the land of the Ammonites. It included half of Gilead. 3 Sihon ruled the east of the Arabah from the sea of Kinnereth to the sea of the Arabah (the Salt Sea). And he ruled as far as Beth Jeshimoth and to where Mount Pisgah begins.

4 Og, king of Bashan, was one of the last Rephaites. He ruled in Ashtaroth and Edrei. 5 And he ruled Mount Hermon, Salecah and all of Bashan as far as Geshur and Maacah. He ruled the half of Gilead to the edge of Sihon's kingdom of Heshbon.

6 Moses, the servant of the Lord, and the Israelites won the fight with these kings. He gave their land to the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh to live in.

12:6Verses 1-6 is a list of the fights that Moses won.

7 Joshua and the Israelites killed these kings on the west side of the Jordan. They ruled from Baal Gad in the Lebanon valley to Mount Halak, which is near Seir. (Joshua gave each tribe a special part of the land.) 8 This was in the hills and in the little hills in the west. And they ruled the Arabah, the sides of the mountains, and the desert and the Negev. They ruled all the land that had belonged to the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. 9 They took the land of the kings of Jericho, Ai (near Bethel), 10 Jerusalem, Hebron, 11 Jarmuth and Lachish. 12 And they took the land of the kings of Eglon, Gezer, 13 Debir, Geder, 14 Hormah, Arad, 15 Libnah, Adullam, 16 Makkedah and Bethel. 17 And they took the land of the kings of Tappuah, Hepher, 18 Aphek, Lasharon, 19 Madon, Hazor, 20 Shimron Meron and Acshaph. 21 They also took Taanach, Megiddo, 22 Kedesh, Jokneam in Carmel, 23 Dor (in Naphoth Dor), Goyim in Gilgal, 24 and Tirzah. They took all the land of these 31 kings.

12:24Verses 7-24 is a list of the fights that Joshua won.