About the Book of Joshua

The people of Israel (the Israelites, the sons of Jacob) had lived and walked for 40 years in desert places. All the grown men that God had brought out of Egypt had died. Moses had died, too. Now God had chosen Joshua to be their leader. He was one of the two men who had spoken the true words. He said that the land of Canaan was good. The other 10 men had been afraid of the big, strong men there (Numbers 14). God had promised to give the people the land of Canaan. They had not believed that God could give it to them. So, God made them stay in the desert. They stayed there until they died. But their children did not die. The name ‘Joshua’ means ‘God saves’. The name ‘Jesus’ means the same in the Greek language.
The book of Joshua is like the books of Judges, Samuel and Kings. All these books tell how God saved and led his people. They tell the story of how God kept his promises to Israel.