John 6:60-71

Many disciples go away from Jesus

60 Many of Jesus' disciples did not like these words. They said, ‘This thing that he teaches is too difficult. Nobody can agree with it!’ 61 Jesus himself knew that the disciples did not like his message. He did not need anyone to tell him. He said to them, ‘This seems to make you angry. 62 Think about this: The Son of Man will go up again to the place where he was before. And you will see him go up. Will you agree to that? 63 It is the Spirit that gives you life. People cannot do that. The words that I have spoken to you come from the Spirit. They give you life. 64 But some of you do not believe my message.’

Jesus had known from the beginning which of them would not believe in him. Also, he had always known who would sell him to his enemies. 65 Then Jesus said to them, ‘That is why I told you that only the Father can bring people to me. Nobody can come to me unless the Father makes them able to come.’

66 From that time, many of Jesus' disciples left him. They did not go with him any longer. 67 Then Jesus asked the 12 apostles, ‘Do you want to go away from me, too?’ 68 Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, there is nobody else that we could go to. You speak the words that give us life for ever. 69 We believe that you are the Holy One that God has sent. We are sure about that.’ 70 Jesus replied, ‘I have chosen the 12 of you. But one of you is a servant of Satan!’ 71 He was speaking about Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. Judas was one of the 12 apostles, but later he would sell Jesus to Jesus' enemies.