John 19:38-42

Joseph buries Jesus

38 There was a man called Joseph who came from the town called Arimathea. He was one of Jesus' disciples, but he was afraid of the Jewish leaders. So he had not told people that he was a disciple of Jesus. Joseph went to Pilate and asked if he could take Jesus' dead body away. Pilate agreed. So Joseph went and he took the body away. 39 Nicodemus went with Joseph. He was the man who had visited Jesus at night. Nicodemus brought about 75 pounds of spices called myrrh and aloes. 40 The two men covered Jesus' dead body with these spices. And they tied long pieces of soft cloth round it many times. That is how the Jewish people prepare a dead body before they bury it. 41 There was a garden near the place where they killed Jesus on the cross. In that garden there was a special place where they could put dead people. It was a new hole in the rock, where nobody had ever put a dead person before. 42 The next day was the Jewish day for rest. So, they put Jesus in that hole in the rock, because it was near.

19:39Spices are oils or plants that have a lovely smell. The Jews used them on dead bodies. They stopped the dead bodies getting a bad smell.