John 17:1-5

Jesus prays for himself

1 After Jesus said this, he looked up to heaven. He said, ‘Father, the time has now arrived. Show how great your Son is. So then I, the Son, can show how great you are. 2 You gave to me authority over all people. You did this so that I could give people life for ever. Those are the people that you gave to me. 3 What does it mean for people to live always? It means that they will know you, the one who is the only true God. They will also know me, Jesus Christ, the one that you have sent. 4 I have shown here on the earth how great you are. In that way, I have finished the work that you gave to me to do. 5 So, Father, now that I return to you, show how great I am. Before the world began, I was with you. I was great and powerful with you. Show again that I am great like that.’