John 13:31-38

Jesus' new rule

31 When Judas had left, Jesus said, ‘Now people will see how great the Son of Man is. Because of him, they will also see how great God is. 32 The Son will show how great God is. Then God will take the Son to himself and he will show how great the Son is. He will do that very soon.

33 My children, I will be with you for only a short time now. You will look for me. But I tell you now what I told the Jews. You cannot go where I am now going. 34 I give a new rule to you. Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you. 35 In this way, everyone will know that you are my disciples. They will know it, if you really love each other.’

36 Simon Peter asked him, ‘Lord, where will you go?’ Jesus replied, ‘You cannot follow now where I will go. But some time after this, you will follow.’ 37 Peter said, ‘Lord, why can I not go with you now? I would even die for you.’ 38 Jesus answered, ‘You say that you would die for me. But I tell you this: Soon you will say that you do not know me. Before the cockerel sings early tomorrow morning, you will say that three times.’