John 13:21-30

Jesus tells the disciples what will happen to him

21 After Jesus had said this, he felt very upset. He said to the disciples very seriously, ‘I tell you this: One of you will help my enemies to take hold of me.’ 22 The disciples looked at each other. They did not know which of them Jesus was speaking about. 23 The disciple that Jesus loved was sitting very near to Jesus. 24 Simon Peter looked towards that disciple and said to him, ‘Ask Jesus who he is speaking about.’ 25 So that disciple moved even nearer to Jesus and he asked, ‘Who is it, Lord?’ 26 Jesus answered, ‘I will put a piece of bread in the dish of food. Then I will give the bread to him. That is the man.’ So he put a piece of bread in the dish. Then he gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot.

27 When Judas had taken the bread, Satan came into him. Then Jesus said to Judas, ‘Do quickly what you want to do.’ 28 None of the other disciples who were sitting at the meal understood this. They did not know why Jesus said this to Judas. 29 Judas kept the bag of money on behalf of the group of disciples. So some of them thought that Jesus had asked Judas to buy some things. Maybe he should buy what they needed for the festival. Or maybe he should go and give some money to the poor people.

30 Judas took the bread and he ate it. Then he went out immediately. By now it was night.