About John's Gospel

John's Gospel is one of the four Gospels. Those are the books that tell us about Jesus' life on earth. ‘Gospel’ means ‘good news’. John was one of the three apostles who knew the Lord Jesus Christ best. John called himself ‘the disciple that Jesus loved’. We think that John wrote his Gospel in the city called Ephesus. He wrote it some years after Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote their Gospels. He wrote it about 70 AD.
John's Gospel is different from the other three Gospels. It does not describe many things that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke do describe. But it does include many things that are not in the other Gospels. John tells us much more about who Jesus was, as the Son of God. Jesus is the only person who can give us true life with God. John teaches us more about God's Holy Spirit, too.
At the beginning of his Gospel, John calls Jesus ‘the Word’.
The Gospel of John is in six parts:

  • 1 Introduction (unknown 1:1-18).
  • 2 About John the Baptist and Jesus' first disciples (unknown 1:19-51).
  • 3 What Jesus did and the things that he taught people (unknown 2:1-12:50).
  • 4 The last days of Jesus' life on earth (unknown 13:1-19:42).
  • 5 Jesus rises up after his death and his disciples see him (unknown 20:1-31).
  • 6 Jesus' disciples see him in Galilee for the last time (unknown 21:1-25).