Joel 2:28-32

The day of the Lord

28 After that, I will pour out my Holy Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will be prophets.

Your old men will dream and

your young men will see pictures in their minds. (The Lord will send these to them.)

29 I will pour out my Spirit on all my servants,

on men and on women in those days.

2:29God gives the Spirit of the Lord to his servants. He can make us more like him.

30 I will do strange things in the sky and on the earth.

I will send blood and fire and clouds of smoke.

31 The sun will become dark and the moon will become red.

Then the great and frightening day of the Lord will come.

32 Everyone who asks the Lord for help will be safe.

They will be safe if they believe in his name.

The Lord will save the people on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem.

2:32Zion was the place where the Israelites built the temple of the Lord. Sometimes the people who lived in Jerusalem called themselves ‘Zion’.

He has promised this to those people whom he has asked to come to him.