Joel 2:12-17

Show the Lord that you are sorry

12 ‘Even now,’ the Lord says,

‘return to me and put me first.

Eat no food. Cry and be very sad.

13 Stop pulling your clothes to pieces. That does not help.

Show me instead that you are really sorry.’

Return to the Lord, your God.

He is kind and full of grace.

He does not quickly become angry, and he is full of love.

He is sad that he had to cause troubles for you.

14 Perhaps he will change his mind and he will be sorry.

He may send you blessings of food and drink.

Then you can offer gifts to the Lord your God.

15 Blow the trumpet in Zion.

Tell the people that they must not eat any food.

Tell the people that they must all come to worship him.

16 Tell the people that they must all come.

Make them all ready to serve the Lord.

Bring the old people together.

Bring the children – even the smallest ones.

Every new husband must leave his room.

Every wife must leave her secret room.

17 There are priests who go in front of the Lord.

They must cry as they go from the temple door to the altar.

They must say to the Lord, ‘Do not hurt your people.

Do not let the people in other countries laugh at your own people.

They will point at them. And they will say that they have no value.

They will say that we have no God.’