Job 6

Job replies to Eliphaz

6:1Job tells Eliphaz that he wants to know the reason for his trouble. He is not a bad person who has done wrong things. His friends have not helped him to understand why God has punished him like this.

1 Then Job replied:

2 ‘I am so upset that nobody could measure it!

My problems are too many to weigh!

3 They are heavier than all the sand on the shore of the sea.

That is why I did not think carefully before I spoke.

4 Almighty God has shot his arrows into me.

Their poison is now deep inside me.

God has sent me many troubles that make me afraid.

5 A wild donkey does not complain when it has grass to eat.

An ox is quiet when it has its food.

6 You cannot enjoy food that has no salt in it.

The white part of an egg is not nice to eat on its own.

7 I cannot eat that kind of food.

It makes me ill.

8 I want God to give me what I ask him for.

I want him to answer my prayer.

9 I would like him to destroy me.

He should kill me himself.

10 Then I would have peace.

I would be happy.

I have received much cruel pain.

But I have always obeyed the words of the holy God.

11 I am not strong enough to hope for my life to become any better.

There is no reason for me to continue my life.

12 I am not as strong as stones.

My body is not strong like bronze.

13 I no longer have strength to help myself.

There is nowhere that I can go to get help.

14 When a man has no hope,

his friends should be kind to him.

They should help him,

even if he no longer respects God Almighty.

15 But you, my friends, have not helped me when I need you.

You are like streams that quickly become dry.

There is no water when you need it.

16 In the spring, ice and deep snow covers them.

17 But in the hot summer time, all the water disappears.

Those streams become completely dry.

18 Travellers leave the road to look for water.

They find no water to drink and they die in the desert.

19 Travellers from Tema look everywhere for these streams.

Traders from Sheba hope to find water.

20 They are very upset, because they expected to find water.

But when they arrive, they are disappointed.

21 My friends, you have become like those streams.

You see my great problem, and you are afraid.

22 I have never said to you, “Give me something to help me.

Please use some of your money to rescue me.”

23 I have not asked you to save me from the power of my enemy.

Or to pay cruel people to let me go free.

24 Teach me the truth, and I will listen carefully.

Explain to me the mistakes that I have made.

25 True words may give pain to the person who listens to them.

But the things that you say against me mean nothing.

26 You are warning me because of what I say.

I have no hope and you think that my words are empty.

27 You would play a game to win a child who has no family.

You would even sell your friends to become rich yourselves.

28 But now, please look at me.

I will not tell you any lies.

29 Change what you are saying about me.

Do not say that I am guilty.

Think again, for I am truly a good person.

30 I have not spoken any lies.

I know what is right and what is wrong.