Job 5

Eliphaz continues to speak to Job

1 ‘You may shout, Job, and ask someone to help you. But no one will answer you.

Even if you ask the angels, they will not help you.

2 A fool may be so angry with other people that he dies.

He may want to have the things that they have. He may die because he wants them too much.

3 I myself have seen the way that a fool lives. He seems to be happy.

And his life seems to be comfortable. But soon God sends trouble to him.

4 His children are not safe any more. People will say that they have done wrong things.

Then no one will say that his children are honest.

5 Hungry people take plants from his fields. They even take them from among the weeds.

And other people use his money to buy their drinks.

6 But difficulties do not grow like plants.

And troubles do not come from the ground.

7 You know that from every fire smoke rises into the air.

So every man that is born has troubles in his life.

8 I suggest that you ask God to help you.

I suggest that you tell him about your problems.

9 He does great things that nobody can understand.

Nobody can count the surprising things that he has done.

10 He gives rain for the earth.

He sends water for the fields.

11 He makes humble people important.

Some people are sad because someone has died. But God makes those people safe.

12 Clever people may try to do wrong things.

But God will not let them do such things.

13 He sees the things that clever people are doing.

And he causes them to stop doing those things.

14 They find that it is dark at midday.

They can see no better in the day than at night.

15 He saves poor people from death.

And he stops bad people from hitting them.

16 God helps poor people. So they can hope that their future lives will be good.

But those who do wrong things must be quiet.

17 If God teaches you the right way to live, you should be happy.

He may decide that you should have difficulties in your life.

Do not be sad if the Almighty decides that.

18 He may cause you to have pain. But he will make you well again.

He may hurt you, but he will give you health again.

19 Often he will save you from trouble.

Many times, he will keep you safe from danger.

20 He will keep you alive if there is a famine.

And he will also keep you alive if there is a war.

21 He will not let people say bad things about you.

And you will not be afraid when people attack you.

22 You will laugh if there is a famine. You will smile if there is danger.

You will not be afraid of wild animals.

23 They will not be wild any more when you are near them.

And there will be no danger in your fields.

24 You will know that your home is safe. You will check all the things you have.

And you will find that they are all there.

25 You will know that you will have a large family. You will have many children and grandchildren.

It will not be any easier to count them than to count the grass in a field.

26 You will live for many years. Plants grow until the right time to pick them.

So you will live until it is the right time for you to die. And you will have good health until you die.

27 We have checked all this. And we have found that it is true.

So listen to what we say. And do what we suggest.’