Job 40:6-24

God speaks to Job again

6 Then the Lord spoke to Job from inside the storm. This is what he said:

7 ‘Prepare yourself for a difficult job!

I will ask you some more questions and you must answer them.

8 Do you say that I am not a fair judge?

Do you want to show that I am guilty, not you?

Then you could say that you are right.

9 Do you have the same power to do great things as I have?

Can you speak with a voice as loud as thunder?

I can!

10 If you think that you can do all this,

show how great you are!

Show everyone your power and your glory!

11 Show everyone your great anger!

Look at all the people who like to boast

and bring them down low!

12 Yes, cause all the proud people to be humble.

Knock down wicked people to the ground.

13 Bury them all together in the dust of the ground.

Cover their faces and put them in their graves.

14 If you can do these things, Job,

I will praise you.

I will agree that you have the power to save yourself.

15 Listen! I created the monsters called Behemoth.

40:15This may be speaking about the large animal that we call a hippopotamus.

I made you and I made them too.

They eat grass, as cows do.

16 But look at the strength of their legs and their body!

17 Their tails are like the branches of a cedar tree.

Their legs are thick and very strong.

18 Their bones are like sticks made of bronze.

Their legs are as strong as iron.

19 These monsters are some of the greatest animals that I have made.

But I who made them can take my sword

and go near to them.

20 They eat the grass that grows on the hills.

That is where the wild animals play.

21 They lie down under the thorn trees.

They hide among the reeds at the edge of the water.

22 They rest in the shadow of the thorn trees,

and among the willow trees beside the water.

23 Even when the river is deep and dangerous,

these monsters are not afraid.

The water of the Jordan River may cover their mouths,

but they still feel safe.

24 There is no way that anyone can catch one of them.

No one can make its eyes blind.

No one can put a ring in its nose and lead it away.’