Job 36:1-33

Elihu continues to speak

36:1Perhaps the most important thing that Elihu says is in this chapter. God does help people who have trouble. Often this is the best time for them to hear God. And in chapters 36 and 37, Elihu describes for Job what God is like. God is always fair (chapter 36, verse 3). He is powerful and he does not hate anyone (chapter 36, verse 5). He is a good teacher (chapter 36, verse 22). He rules the world (chapter 36, verse 31). He speaks to people (chapter 37, verse 5). He does great things (chapter 37, verse 14). Only God is really wise (chapter 37, verse 24). And there are lots of other things about God that you can read about in these chapters.

1 Elihu continued to speak. And this is what he said:

2 ‘Please be patient and listen to me.

I want to say something else on behalf of God.

3 I have learned many things during my life.

And I know that God is always fair.

4 Everything that I say to you is true.

You can be sure about that because I am a really wise man.

5 God is powerful and he does not hate anyone.

But when he decides to do something, he does it.

6 He does not let bad people live for a long time.

But he is always fair to people who have problems.

7 He sees people who live the right way.

And he makes them famous so that they rule like kings.

8 Sometimes people have trouble in their lives.

And they cannot discover what has caused their trouble.

9 Then he tells them what they have done.

They have done wrong things and they have not listened to him.

10 He causes them to listen to him.

And he tells them that they must not continue to sin.

11 God wants them to be his servants and to obey him.

If they do that, they will be rich. And they will be happy until they die.

12 But some people do not listen to God and they do not obey him.

Such people do not know the right way to live.

And someone will fight against them and kill them.

13 When people do not obey God, they become angry.

Even when God punishes them, they do not ask him to help them.

14 They die while they are still young.

They have wasted their lives. They have lived among men who have sex with other men.

15 But God helps people who have troubles.

And he causes them to hear his words.

16 God does not want you to have trouble in your life, Job.

He wants to make you safe and to take your problems away.

He wants you to have a comfortable life.

And he wants you to have plenty of nice food.

17 But now God is punishing you because of the wrong things that you have done.

But, in the end, he will be fair to you.

18 You are a rich man, but be careful.

Rich people often do wrong things to get even more money.

19 You may be a rich man, but this will not help you.

Even if you try, you will not be able to get out of trouble.

20 Do not wait until it is night.

Do not take people away from their homes in the dark.

21 God let you have troubles in your life. He did this to make you think about your life.

So be careful that you live the right way.

22 You know that God is powerful.

And he is also the best teacher.

23 Nobody can tell God what he should do.

And no one can say to him, “You have done things that are wrong.”

24 People sing songs to say that God is great.

You should do that, too.

25 Men everywhere have seen the things that God has done.

But we can only see them from far away.

26 God is so great that we cannot know him completely.

We do not know how long he has lived.

27 It is God who takes water from the earth.

Then he makes it into rain.

28 The rain falls from the clouds.

And so there is enough water for everyone.

29 Nobody understands how the clouds move through the sky.

And nobody understands the noise that storms make.

30 In a storm, the clouds are dark. But he causes the light to shine brightly.

It shines even on things that are deep under the sea.

31 This is the way that God rules the world.

He sends storms. But he gives people all the food that they need.

32 He sends the storms where he wants them to go.

And he tells them what they should hit.

33 Loud noises in the sky show that a storm is coming soon.

Then even the cows in the fields know that there will soon be a storm.’