Job 33:1-33

Elihu continues to speak

1 ‘But now, Job, listen to the things that I will tell you.

Listen carefully to everything that I will say.

2 I will speak to you now.

I am ready to tell you what I think.

3 I am an honest man, so you can believe what I say.

I will tell you what I know is true.

4 The Spirit of Almighty God has made me.

His breath gives me life.

5 Answer me now, Job, if you can.

Prepare yourself.

Be ready to explain your problem to me.

6 Listen! When God looks at us,

we are the same as each other.

God used clay to make both of us.

7 So you should not be afraid of me.

I will not do anything to hurt you.

8 I have heard the things that you have said, Job.

This is what I heard you say:

9 “I am not guilty. I have not done anything that is wrong.

I am pure and clean.

10 But God has decided to punish me!

He attacks me as if I am his enemy.

11 He has tied my feet with chains.

He always watches me to see where I go.”

12 But now I tell you this, Job: You are not right!

God is greater than any human.

13 So you should not argue against him.

You should not say,

“God does not answer any of my questions.”

14 God does speak to people.

He speaks to them in many different ways.

But often people do not recognize his voice.

15 Sometimes God speaks to people in dreams and visions.

He speaks to them at night, while they sleep in bed.

16 He tells them about things that will happen.

He warns them about terrible things,

so that they are afraid.

17 He tells them to turn away from their sins.

He tells them not to be proud.

18 He keeps people safe from death,

so that they do not go to their graves.

19 Or God may warn people with a painful illness.

He may make their bodies hurt all the time.

20 Then they do not want to eat anything.

They cannot eat even the best food.

21 Their bodies become very thin.

People can even see their bones.

22 They will soon die and go to their graves.

Death is waiting to take them away.

23 But perhaps an angel may come

to help one of those people.

He may speak on behalf of God,

as a special angel among the many thousands of God's angels.

The angel may tell that person

how to live in a way that is right.

24 Then God will be kind to that person.

God will say, “Save that person,

so that he does not go to his grave.

I have found someone to pay the price for his life.

So keep him alive.”

25 Then that person's body will become healthy again.

He will be strong, like a young man.

26 When he prays to God,

God will be happy to answer him.

He will again worship God with joy.

And God will give him a good way of life again.

27 That person will say clearly to everyone,

“I did things that were not right.

I did wrong things,

but God did not punish me as I deserved.

28 God rescued me from death,

so that I did not go to my grave.

Now I will enjoy life in the light.”

29 God does all these things for people.

He does them many times.

30 He saves a person from death,

so that he does not go to his grave.

He gives light to that person,

so that he may enjoy his life.

31 Job, listen carefully to me.

Be quiet, and I will speak to you.

32 After that, you may answer me,

if you have something to say.

If I could say that you have not done anything wrong,

that would make me happy.

33 But if you have nothing to say,

then listen to me.

Be quiet and I will teach you how to be wise.’