Job 26

Job replies to Bildad

26:1In chapters 26 and 27, Job says two things. First, he does not agree with the things that his friends have said (Job 27:5). Second, he is sure that he has never done wrong things (Job 27:6).

1 Then Job replied. And this is what he said:

2 ‘I am a weak man. But nothing that you have done has saved me.

And nothing that you have said has helped me.

3 I am a fool. But you have not been able to make me wise.

And still you think that you are very clever.

4 I think that someone has helped you to speak these words.

I think that someone has told you the things that you should say.

5 Dead people go to a place that is under the sea.

But even there, they are afraid of God.

6 God watches the place where dead people go.

There is nothing that can hide it from him.

7 He puts the sky in the right place so that it covers everything.

And he hangs the earth in the skies and he holds it there.

8 He puts water in the clouds.

The clouds are full of water but they do not break.

9 When the moon is big and round, he hides it.

He causes clouds to cover it.

10 Look across the sea.

You can see the end of the sea.

There the sky begins.

God decided where that place should be.

11 If God is angry, even the walls of heaven move.

And because he is angry, they are afraid.

12 He is strong enough to fight against the sea.

And he is wise enough to beat everything that lives in the sea.

13 When he blows, the sky becomes bright.

And he is able to kill the great sea snake.

14 These are only a few of the things that God can do.

No one really knows how powerful God is.’