Job 25:1-6

Bildad speaks a third time

25:1In this chapter, Bildad tells Job that God is great and powerful. So we cannot do anything to help God. This does not answer Job's questions about all his troubles.

1 Then Bildad, the man from Shuah, replied. This is what he said:

2 ‘God rules everything

and we should be afraid of his great power.

In heaven above he causes there to be peace.

3 The number of angels in his armies are too many to count.

His light shines over everyone.

4 No human is righteous when he stands in front of God.

He cannot be pure.

5 When God looks at the moon and the stars,

they do not seem to be pure and bright.

6 So when God looks at us humans,

we do not seem important to him.

To him, we are as useless as worms.’