Job 25:1-6

Bildad speaks to Job a third time

25:1In this chapter, Bildad tells Job that God is great. He says that God is powerful. So we cannot help God. This does not answer Job's questions about all his troubles.

1 Then Bildad replied. And this is what he said:

2 ‘God is great and he is powerful, too. So we should love him and we should be afraid of him.

In heaven everyone obeys him.

3 No one can count his armies.

And his light shines over all the earth.

4 God looks at all the people who live on the earth.

But he does not see anyone who is really good and completely honest.

5 When God looks at the moon and the stars,

they do not seem to be very bright.

6 So God must think that people are not very important.

In his mind they are no more important than insects.’