Job 23:1-17

Job replies to Eliphaz

23:1In chapter 23, Job says that he wants to find God. God seems to be very far away. But God sees everything that Job does. Job knows that. And Job has tried to obey God and to live in the right way. But still he is afraid of God.

1 Then Job replied. This is what he said:

2 ‘I continue to complain against God

because I am still angry today.

God continues to punish me

even when I cry in pain.

3 I would like to know where to find him.

Then I could go to the place where he lives.

4 I would tell him why I am not guilty.

I would say many things to explain this to him.

5 Then I would know how he would answer me.

I would understand what he would say to me.

6 Would God use his great power to argue against me?

No! He would listen carefully to me.

7 Honest people can explain things to him.

So he would judge me in a fair way.

He would let me go free.

8 I look for God in the east, but he is not there.

I do not find him in the west either.

9 When he does his work in the north,

I do not see him.

When he moves to the south,

I still cannot find him anywhere.

10 But he knows the way that I live.

When he has finished testing me,

he will see that I am pure.

I will be as pure as gold.

11 I have always lived in the way that God showed me.

I have obeyed him faithfully.

I have not turned away from his teaching.

12 I have been careful to obey his commands.

His words are more important to me than my food.

13 But he is always true to himself.

Nobody can change him.

Whatever he wants to do, he does.

14 He will do to me everything that he has decided to do.

He has plans to do many things like this.

15 Because of that,

I am afraid of him.

When I think about all these things,

I am very afraid.

16 God has made me become weak with fear.

Almighty God has frightened me.

17 Because of all my troubles,

I seem to be in a very dark place.

The darkness seems to cover me.

But I will not be afraid to speak.