Job 14

Job continues to speak

1 ‘Every man that is born will only live for a few years.

And his life will be full of trouble.

2 Flowers grow and soon die. Our lives are not long, either.

We are like shadows that soon pass by.

3 So I would like to know why you always watch a weak person like me.

You always want me to explain the wrong things that I have done.

I would like to know why you want me to do that.

4 People who are bad do not know the right way to live.

No one can change them so that they live like that.

5 You have decided whether we will live for a long time or for a short time.

You know the number of months that we will live. And we cannot change that.

6 So do not watch me any more.

I may live like a servant. But please let me enjoy my life.

7 If someone cuts branches off a tree, the tree will not die.

Instead, new branches will grow.

8 Its roots may be old.

Its branches may have fallen off and the tree may be nearly dead.

9 But if there is even a little water, the tree will not die.

And its branches will start to grow again.

10 But when people are dying, they become very weak.

Then they die and they can never live again.

11 When there is no water in the river or the lake,

they both become dry.

12 People are like that. They die and they never live again.

They will not wake while the sky is above the earth.

13 I want you to hide me among all the dead people.

Hide me until you are no longer angry with me.

Then decide when you will remember me.

14 If a man dies, he will not live again.

So I will wait until my troubles have stopped.

Then I might hope to have a better life.

15 You will call me and I will answer you.

Then you will have pleasure, because you made me.

16 Then you will watch what I do. And you will watch where I go.

But you will not still remember the wrong things that I have done.

17 You will forgive me for those wrong things.

And you will hide them so that you never see them again.

18 In the end, mountains fall down in pieces,

and rocks move from their places.

19 In the end, water will break stones.

When the rain falls, nothing remains on the earth.

And in the end, because of the things that you do,

no man can hope to have a better life.

20 In the end, you kill him. Then he is gone for ever.

You change his face and you send him away.

21 He does not know if his sons become famous.

Nor does he know if they have wasted their lives.

22 He thinks only about the pain that he feels.

He does not think about the pain that other people feel.

And when he is sad, he thinks only about himself.’