Job 11:1-20

Job's friend Zophar speaks to him

11:1Zophar is really angry with Job. He tells Job that only God knows everything. He says that Job will be happy again. But he must stop doing wrong things. And Job must say sorry to God for the wrong things that he has done.

1 Job's friend Zophar lived in a place called Naamah. He said this to Job:

2 ‘Someone must answer all the questions that you ask.

Even if you talk a lot, God will still not excuse you.

3 We will not be quiet while you continue to speak.

You are saying wrong things about God. Someone should stop you doing that.

4 You say to God, “The things that I believe are true.

I am an honest man and I live the right way.”

5 I would like God to speak to you.

I would like him to explain his thoughts to you.

6 Then he might tell you the secret of wisdom.

True wisdom is not easy to understand. But know this.

You have done things that were wrong.

But God has forgotten some of those wrong things.

7 You cannot understand the things that God does.

You do not know how powerful he is.

8 His power can reach beyond the sky.

You cannot do that.

He knows what happens after death.

You do not know that.

9 The earth itself could not contain everything that God knows.

Neither is the sea big enough to contain it.

10 If he puts you in prison you will not be able to stop him.

If he accuses you in a court,

you will not be able to answer him.

11 I am sure about this. God knows the people who do wrong things.

He sees the wrong things that they do.

12 Wild donkeys do not change their nature and become friendly.

And fools do not change their nature and become wise.

13 You should live the right way, Job.

You should raise your hands and pray to God.

14 Stop doing things that are wrong.

Do not let people do wrong things in your home.

15 If you do this, you will not be ashamed any more.

Instead, you will be strong. And you will not be afraid.

16 I am sure that you will forget your trouble.

It will be like water that has gone under a bridge long ago. No one remembers it.

17 Your life will be good. And you will be happy again.

All day, it will seem brighter than noon. Even the dark night will seem like the morning.

18 You will be able to hope, so you will trust God.

Then you will know that it is safe to rest.

19 When you sleep, you will not be afraid.

Many people will ask you to help them.

20 But bad people will not be able to hope for a better life.

God will punish them because of the things that they have done.

It would be better if they died.’