Job 10

Job continues to speak

1 ‘I do not enjoy my life now. I do not want to live. I am very, very sad.

So I will speak about the thoughts that are in my mind.

2 This is what I will say to God: Do not say that I am a bad person.

You say that I have done wrong things. Tell me what they are.

3 You seem to enjoy it when you hurt me. You made me. So I do not know why you refuse to help me.

And you seem to help very bad people even when they are doing very bad things.

4 Sometimes you seem not to have eyes like men have eyes.

And you seem not to see things as people see them.

5 Your life is not like the life of a human.

You life does not have an end like ours does.

6 But you seem to be in a hurry to discover the wrong things that I have done.

I do not know why you have to do that.

7 You know that I have not done wrong things.

But you also know that no one can save me from you.

8 You made me with your hands.

But now it seems that you want to kill me.

9 Remember that you made me from dust.

Now it seems that you want to make me into dust again.

10 People make cheese with only a little milk.

So you made my body with only a little material.

11 You joined my bones together,

and you covered them with skin.

12 You gave my life to me and you have always loved me.

You have always watched me to save me from danger.

13 But I know what you decided to do.

I know the thoughts that were in your mind.

14 You were watching me to see if I did wrong things.

And then you would not forgive me.

15 If I do wrong things, then you punish me.

But you never see the good things that I do.

Whatever I do, I am ashamed.

Whatever I do, my life is full of trouble.

16 If I do something well, I am happy.

But then you catch me as a lion catches other animals.

And you use your power against me.

17 You continue to say that I do wrong things.

You become more and more angry with me.

You attack me again and again.

18 I do not know why you let me be born.

I should have died before anyone saw me.

19 It would have been better if I had never been born.

Or perhaps I should have died straight after my birth.

20 It seems that I will die soon.

Turn yourself from me so I can be happy for a moment.

21 I want to be happy before I die. I will soon die.

Then I will go to a place from which I cannot return.

22 I will go to a dark place where there are only shadows.

In that place, it is as dark as midnight in the middle of the day. ’