Jeremiah 7:30-8:3

The valley of death

30 ‘The people in Judah have done wrong things. I told them that those things were wrong,’ says the Lord. ‘They have put false gods in my house. I hate that. They have made it like a dirty thing. 31 They have made big fires in Topheth. There, in Ben-Hinnom Valley, they burn their sons and daughters. I did not tell them to do that. I never thought to ask them to do such a thing. 32 So you must be careful. The day will come when it will not be called Topheth or the Valley of Ben-Hinnom. No, it will be called Death Valley. They will put dead people in the earth there, until it is full up. 33 Birds and animals will eat the dead persons, and nobody will make them afraid. They will not go away. 34 I will make the place quiet. Nobody will sing or be happy there. Nobody in the towns in Judah or in Jerusalem will have marriage parties. Nobody will live in the country any more.’

Jeremiah 8

1 ‘Enemies will remove the bones of the kings of Judah and their officers. And they will remove the bones of the priests and prophets and the people from Jerusalem. They will take them out of the earth at that time. 2 The sun will shine on them, and the moon, too. My people worked for and loved the sun and moon. They worshipped them. Nobody will take the bones and put them back in the ground. They will be like dirt. 3 All the people in this bad country will want to die, and not to live,’ says the great, powerful Lord.