Jeremiah 49:28-33

A message about Kedar and Hazor

28 Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had attacked Kedar and the kingdoms of Hazor. The Lord said about them,

‘Get up and attack Kedar.

And take all their valuable things from the people in the East.

29 Enemies will take their tents and their animals.

They will take their homes and all their things and their camels.

Men will shout at them, “Everything round you makes you afraid.

30 Run away as fast as you can!

You people in Hazor, hide in deep holes in the ground,” ’ says the Lord.

‘Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon has decided to attack you.

He wants to get power over your country.

31 They think that they are safe. But he will attack them,’ says the Lord.

‘The nation is comfortable. It does not have any gates. Its people live alone.

32 His soldiers will take their camels.

And they will lead away their animals.

I will send people who live far away to places all over the earth.

33 Only wild animals will live in Hazor.

It will always be a place where no people live.’