Jeremiah 49:1-6

A message about Ammon

1 The Lord gave this message about the people of Ammon:

‘There are plenty of Israel's descendants who are still alive.

They are strong enough to live in the land that is their home.

So why have people who worship the god Molech moved in to the land of Gad's tribe?

They should not be living in towns that belong to Gad's people.’

49:1The people of Ammon worshipped their god Molech. They often attacked the towns that belonged to the Israelite tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh. Those tribes were on the east side of the Jordan River, near the Dead Sea. See Judges 10-11.

2 The Lord says,

‘A time will come when an army attacks Rabbah, Ammon's capital city.

Its people will hear the noise of a battle.

The city will become a big heap of stones.

Fire will destroy the villages around it.

Then the Israelites will chase out the people who had taken their land from them.’

That is what the Lord says.

3 ‘You people in Heshbon, cry aloud,

because the enemy has destroyed Ai.

Weep, you people who live in Rabbah.

Dress yourselves in sackcloth, because you are so sad.

Run around inside the city.

The enemy will take away your idol of Molech.

They will take Molech's priests and their officers to a foreign land.

4 You people of Ammon boast about your power.

But that will soon come to an end!

You have not been faithful.

You have trusted in your riches and you say,

“Nobody will be able to attack us!” ’

5 But the Lord God Almighty says,

‘I will bring terror all around you.

49:5See Jeremiah 20:3, 10; 46:5.

Your enemy will chase you away in all directions.

Nobody will be able to bring you together again.

6 But in future days, I will make Ammon's people strong again.’

That is what the Lord says.