Jeremiah 49:1-6

A message about Ammon

1 The Lord says,

‘You have let Molech rule the people from Gad.

49:1Molech was the god of the people in Ammon.

Your sons have not sent him away.

His people live in the country that I gave to Gad.’

49:1When they were fighting in an earlier war, some people in Ammon had run away from their own country. They got power over part of the country that God had given to Gad to live in.

2 ‘But at a future time, I will call my people to fight,’ says the Lord.

‘They will fight against Rabbah, that city in Ammon.

They will pull it down to become a lot of stones.

And they will burn the villages round it with fire.

Then Israel's people will push out the people who pushed them out,’ says the Lord.

3 ‘Cry, you people in Heshbon, because they have destroyed Ai.

Cry aloud, you people who live in Rabbah.

You wear hard material when a friend has died.

Put on those clothes now and be very sad.

You do not know what to do. So you will run about.

Enemies will take the people from Moab to a far country.

They will take them with their priests and their officers.

4 You say to everyone that your valleys are full of fruit.

You are like a daughter that does not obey me.

You think that your valuable things will save you from your enemies.

5 But I will make you afraid of all the people who live round you,’

says the great and powerful Lord.

‘Enemies will push everyone away from his home.

Nobody will save those people who are running away.

6 But, after this, I will bring back Ammon's people,’ says the Lord.