Jeremiah 48:1-10

The Lord's message about Moab

1 The Lord Almighty, Israel's God, spoke this message about Moab:

48:1Moab was a country near Judah. It was on the east side of the Dead Sea. The king of Sihon took some of Moab's towns for himself. Later, the Israelites took some of these places for themselves. The tribes of Reuben and Gad lived in some of these towns.

‘Nebo city is in terrible trouble!

It will soon become a heap of stones.

The people of Kiriathaim city will be ashamed.

Its enemies will take it for themselves.

They will knock down its strong buildings,

and its people will be ashamed.

2 People will no longer praise Moab.

In Heshbon, Moab's enemies will decide how to destroy the nation.

They will say, “We must completely destroy Moab!”

The town of Madmen will become silent,

as a great army chases out the people.

3 The people of Horonaim will shout for help,

because a strong army is destroying them.

4 Moab will come to an end!

Its children will cry loudly.

5 They will go up the hill to Luhith.

They will weep as they go.

As they go down the road towards Horonaim,

they will cry about their town that the enemy is destroying.

6 People say, “Run away to save your lives!

Go and live in the desert.”

7 People of Moab, you trusted your riches and your skills to save you.

Because of that, your enemies will catch you.

They will even take your god Chemosh away as prisoner,

together with his priests and officers.

8 Your cruel enemy will attack every town.

No town or city will escape.

The enemy will destroy every place in the valley,

and every place on the high ground.

They will become heaps of stones.

I, the Lord, tell you this!

9 Dig a grave to bury Moab!

48:9There are several ways to understand what the Hebrew means here.

Its land will become like a desert.

Its cities will become heaps of stones.

Nobody will live in them.’

10 The Lord will curse anyone who refuses to do his work! He will punish anyone who does not use his sword to kill his enemies!