Jeremiah 45

God's message to Baruch

1 Baruch wrote down on a scroll the words that I gave to him. That was in the fourth year that Jehoiakim, Josiah's son, was king of Judah. Then I told him 2 these words that the Lord Israel's God had said to me: ‘Baruch, 3 you said, “It will be very bad for me! I already have much pain. Now the Lord has made me sad too. I am so sad that it has made me weak. There is no rest for me.” ’

4 Then the Lord asked me to say this to Baruch. ‘But I, the Lord, am pushing down the things that I have built. And I am pulling up the things that I have planted. I will do that to all the country. 5 You may want to be very important. Do not want that. I will punish all men and women. But in any place that you go to, I will let you keep your life safe.’